Super Pro Combat Gear Leather Curved Punch Mitts

Super Pro Combat Gear Leather Curved Punch Mitts


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Super Pro Combat Gear Leather Curved Punch Mitts
These curved punch mitts are ideal for your every day workout. Made out of very strong genuine leather and with extra support for the wrist area. The grip ball gives you the perfect grip.
These punch mitts are made of very strong and durable leather. The two-layer padding absorbs the punches to the max. The lined inner side has a grip ball for a better grip. The mitts have a Velcro strap increasing the grip.
The wrist area gets extra support, and the punch mitts are very light resulting in a product what is very easy to use and because of the weight very easy to keep on working with the arms in the right position.
The punch mitts have a curved shape which facilitates the reception of the punches. The lion logo is positioned in the middle of the mitts for easy focusing.

Made of strong and durable Leather
Thickening at the wrist area for extra support and comfort
Great shock absorbing padding
Velcro strap
Grip ball for good grip
Size 26x19x6 cm
Sold in pairs

Always use boxing (bag ) loves or hand wraps during your training on pads.
There is a 1 year guarantee on production failures.
Super Pro Combat Gear is already since 1978 well known for its great quality. Super Pro makes no concessions to the choice of materials or comfort. The Super Pro product range is developed by world leading trainers and world champion athletes. They are the real experts knowing how to produce high end combat gear products.
Check out our full range of Super Pro gear.
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